About Me

Hello, My name is Edgars. I am a holistic massage therapist offering a caring, generous and grounded approach to my work. I trained at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork where I obtained level 4 qualification in holistic massage. I am registered with the Massage Training Institute and fully insured as a massage practitioner. I work with intuition, applying a great range of techniques with sensitivity. I am naturally client-centred and committed to excellence.


What is massage for me

For me, the practice of massage is like meditation-in-relationship while employing skilful touch. It allows me to experience a sense of groundedness, aliveness and self-acceptance. I am passionate about sharing this gift of mindful and caring touch with others. 


My approach to massage

MTI defines holistic massage as “A nurturing touch involving the whole person”.

As a massage practitioner, I engage with each client based on their individual needs while considering various physical, mental and emotional factors. I approach bodywork in a rather creative way as I am guided by the principles of sensitivity, awareness, knowledge and professional code of ethics. My aim is to offer unconditional care, facilitate trust and finally help you move towards more satisfying emotional and physical well-being.

Hand Massage